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About us

CEO Message

Intransigently walking a single path for 50 years,
redraws a new future.
It will contribute to the industry’s best technology
and efficient management.
“It is always motivated when we have desire for the development of technology and will be the good source of making the best product from inconvenience and incompletion.”
Myunghwa Metal Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 1961, has not only produced screws for buildings, electronics and home appliances, but also maximized functions of screws through continuous research and development, which resulted in developing self-drilling screw and blind rivet on our own in 1980 for the first time in Korea.

This development led to a greater opportunity to implement screws in various fields such as steel-framed building, industrial machinery and assembly. Since then, Myunghwa Metal has expanded the application and scope of screws as a manufacturing company specializing in self-drilling screw.

Myunghwa Metal acquired 180 patents and authentication from both home and abroad through continuous quality improvement and research and development of new products. We maintain and develop quality of screws which penetrate about 12mm of an iron plate in 10 seconds as well as possessing the most cutting-edge automatic equipment which enable to produce 1,000 pcs per 1 minute.

At present, we have a new & large-scale manufacturing facility for self-drilling screw in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do. Designed and manufactured the most cutting-edge equipment, we are able to produce approximately 10,000 tons per year of various products and continue to do our best in return for constant support of our customers.

On a basis of being selected as World Class Product of Korea in 2001 (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) and possessing 180 intellectual property rights, we also strive to become a more reliable company which provides domestic and international customers with the best possible quality, stable supply and better services.

Thank you very much.

CEO Lim Jung Hwan